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We Are Australian
Published by Macmillan Education Australia
This six-book series explores Australia’s history and identity through the people, places and events that have shaped our nation. Australia is a nation made up of many cultures, people and beliefs. One thing bonds us all together – we are all Australian.


Manage Your Money
Published by Harcourt Education
Discover how to organise your finances. Learn how to set goals, budget efficiently and save for what you want.

Make More Money
Published by Harcourt Education
Discover how to increase your income.
Learn how to apply for jobs,
invest profitably and play the sharemarket.

Cody's Snake Tale
Illustrated by Ben O'Hagan
National Geographic Society Children's Books
Cody is afraid of rattlesnakes until his family visits the Sonoran desert and he learns more about them and other desert life.

Money Matters for Kids
Two book series:
Into the Unknown
Illustrated by Martin Simpson
National Geographic Society Children's Books
Lucy explores the ocean and keeps a journal for her younger brother, Tim, which reveals many aspects about ocean exploration.

Rusty the Rascal
Illustrated by Margaret Power
National Geographic Society Children's Books
Dog Rusty is the centre of a community when he becomes lost. We learn about people who help the community; paramedics, animal rescue workers, police officers.

Oh, Columbus!
Mimosa (Rigby Heinemann)
When the family of Columbus the dog gained a cat as well, there was only one thing to do to get attention. He had to act like a cat, too!

Brainless Baxter
Macmillan Education
Nudge, jump, jostle, push, and then roll in the mud. Baxter can’t believe Dog School is so much fun! When Baxter learns his first lesson is also going to be his last, he comes up with a plan to make sure his family will take him to Dog School again. Will it work?

Munga, Bush Monster
Macmillan Education
Munga was all alone. He did not know of any other creature like him. He had knobbly scales like a crocodile, bulging eyes like a toad, a bumpy hump like a camel, and tiny bird’s feet. But an adventure and a surprise are waiting for Mungo.
Oliver Swaps Places
Barrie (now Rigby)
Oliver didn’t want to wash his face, comb his hair or brush his teeth. He didn’t want to hurry up, either. He wanted to stay right where he was. Duffy the dog didn’t have to hurry up to get ready for school. That’s it! Oliver decides to swap places with Duffy.

Nathan’s Remarkable Jumper
Barrie (now Rigby)
Nathan the polar bear cub loves wearing his jumper. Now he can play in the snow and fish with his dad without feeling the cold. But what will Nathan do when he has to go to school? Who’s ever heard of a polar bear cub wearing a jumper?

Lucky Buster
Blake Education
Buster was shocked. His very own family, who’d brought him up from a tiny puppy, wanted to get a cat! A namby-pamby, tip-toeing, sardine-eating cat! There had to be something Buster could do about it. But what?

The Carnival Horse
Nelson Thomson Learning
Tommy loved Bravo, the old horse from the merry-go-round who now stood sadly outside Mr Turner’s shop. Then, while Tommy was with him, a terrible thing happened. Bravo fell from his stand and crashed to the floor. Was the tip the only place now, for Bravo?

Motorbike Photo
Nelson Thomson Learning
Zac’s family had a very special photograph of Zac’s grandad. He was riding a big motorbike. “No,” said Zac’s mother. “You can’t take the photo to school, it’s too precious.” But Zac didn’t listen to his mother’s words…

Charlie’s Great Race
Nelson Thomson Learning
Holly loves helping her dad look after his homing pigeons, and Charlie is her favourite. One day, Charlie has to face danger and find his way home from far, far away.

Five Days to Go
Jonathan’s brother Mitchell is always there – doing things better, getting in the way. Now Mitchell is going away on a school camp – and Jonathan can hardly wait. But things don’t turn out quite how Jonathan expects.

Claire’s Secret
Claire has a secret – a secret she can’t tell anyone. And the secret is all about her parrot Jake, the world’s most amazing pet. But can Claire still keep her secret now that they are going to be on TV?

My Weird Mother
Pearson Education
William’s mother was no ordinary mother. In fact, she was decidedly unordinary. Her pet parrot, Presto, rode around on her shoulder wherever she went. She walked their old dog, Boris, in a pram… William wished his mum would be more normal – just like everyone else’s mum. So William’s mum tried…!

Pen Pals
Nelson Thomson Learning
‘Dear Casey,
Hi, my name’s Alister. My teacher said we have to write to a pen pal from this list she has, and I got you.’ Alister and Casey correspond – and finally meet, when Alister gets a very big surprise.

The Crystal
Macmillan Education
Edward’s fed up. A long, boring car trip with the family: what a way to spend the holidays! But when they stop at a petrol station, weird things start happening to Edward. Next, the family drives off without him. Maybe it’s some kind of joke? Or maybe it’s not.

Pearson Education
“I’ve got a secret plan. And it means I’m going to win,” announced Macka to his mates. But Macka plans to win by cheating – cheating on his mates and cheating on the opposition. He puts his plan into action – then a terrible scream filled his ears…

The Big Chase
Pearson Education
Nobody had ever caught The Wolfman. He burst into sight every year during the annual school field trip to Echo Lake. Grr! Grr! He would roar before he took off, crashing through bushes and racing down the winding gravel path. And every year the children would chase him. Would this be the year they caught The Wolfman and found out who he really was?

Ratty Arbuckle
Barrie (Rigby)
On his way home from school, Fraser trades his running shoes for Ratty Arbuckle – A small white rat. He soon finds that keeping his pet a secret is more difficult than he imagined. When Ratty escapes it seems certain that Mum will discover him – that is, if Fraser doesn’t find him first! A frantic search begins. Will Fraser find his pet and be able to keep his secret?

Sam’s Magic Moment
There is a magic moment for everyone. For Sam, it came when he least expected it. This is the story of a boy and his friend and a very special magician.

Goose Head
Nelson Thomson Learning
Didn’t wanna go to boring old sports day. Better fun to wag school. Didn’t bargain on a meeting with Goose Head, though. A real tough dude…

The Creature of Cassidy’s Creek
Nelson Thomson Learning
Sebastian was staying at Gran’s old farmhouse – where nothing ever happened. Suddenly, he stopped writing. What was that? A peculiar, low groan had broken the silence…

Skateboard Hero
Shaun and his brother, Patrick, enter the local skateboard championships.
Each desperately wants to win.
Would Shaun and Patrick both make the finals?
Who would be the real skateboard hero?
Sloanes Beach
Nelson Thomson Learning
“But Sloanes Beach is so uncool,” Shaun said. “No waves. No skate ramps.” When the brothers are bored at their Dad's chosen camp site, they take their kayaks for a paddle to an island. They find gigantic footprints gouged into the sand… Perhaps Sloanes Beach is not for the old and bewildered after all?

Bearded Toad Rocks On
Nelson Thomson Learning
‘Bearded Toad’ swung into action. The drums were thumping, the guitars were squealing…’ Would Bearded Toad, just an ordinary garage band, get to play at the Biggest Gig Concert?

Something Scary
Macmillan Education
There are strange noises coming from under the floorboards. Alistair is certain that something is living under the house. The only way to know for sure, though, is to go down there and look. What will Alister find?

Albuquerque hates his name. It won’t fit on his pencils, or on his books or on his drawings. And most of the kids in his class can’t even say it! He decides it’s time for a name change. But when your name is a family name, it isn’t so easy to change…

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