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Published by Hachette Livre
Josie and Macka are both school outcasts, for different reasons. As their lives intertwine, each inadvertently helps the other overcome personal difficulties. Macka has an affinity with raptors at the wildlife sanctuary where he works part time. Josie falls in love with a busker and...

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Omnibus Books
Summer has big plans. She wants to be a writer, and she wants to start an all-girl rock band. And then she falls in love and a whole new world opens up for her. Life would be perfect if it werenít for her family: her New Age mum and her old and increasingly confused gran. They are just an embarrassment. Always rebellious, Summer insists on living life her way. But she canít write her own story, and things donít always turn out as she wants them to.

Illustrated by Faye Langley
Margaret Hamilton Books
Everybody loves a party! The dogs that live with Mrs Lovejoy are no exception. When she announces the party, the house trembles with wagging tails. This is the best dog party ever! Youíre invited too Ė join in the fun.

Monkeyís Wedding
Murdoch Press (Cockyís Circle)
What goes wrong at the Monkeysí Wedding?

UWA Press
ďI didnít care that my brother Sam called me names like Groper Head and Fish Freak. And I didnít mind that Sam was sporty and I wasnít. I didnít even mind that he was popular and I had no friends at all. The only thing I wanted was those two Mexican Walking Fish at the local pet shop. I nearly got them too, but my birthday spoilt everything. It was at the Chinese restaurant. How was I to know the last crayfish in the tank was going to change my life?

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