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Gorgeous girl
Mitzi, the toy schnoodle (miniature schnauzer X toy poodle)
Isn't she cute?


New Manuscripts
I am polishing four manuscripts:

*     Leaving Gypsy (teenage girl leaves home, which is a caravan in far north Queensland where she lives with   her nan, to find her father).

*     Midnight Bus (story of the intertwining lives of three teenage girls, each with different problems).

*     Dear Tarzan, from Harley (a junior novel, set in the 1950s). Nine year old Harley is sent to live in a boys home).

*     Gryphon, Dragon and Colby, Earthlander (junior fantasy novel)

Writer of books for Children and Teens
Wendy Graham
What's new?

The above titles have recently been released by Engage Literacy (July 2012).